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Scitra International

Street Address: N0-327, Ekta Market, Sector-45

City: Chandigarh

Province/State: Chandigarh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Wholesale supplier of herbal products, Manufacturer of ayurvedic formulations, Manufacturer of herbal cosmetic products, Third party manufacturing of herbal products.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Chandigarh

At Scitra Ayuronics we take quality seriously. We have been producing premium quality herbs & lifestyle products since 2005. Many of our trade customers return to us time & time again as they have come to trust the excellent high quality products that we source & sell.

The Scitra Ayuronics team really appreciates the benefits of pure, premium quality pharmacopeia grade herbs & lifestyle products. It is our personal passion that has lead us on to develop a comprehensive range of natural health product lines. So we spend time researching & resourcing the best products.

The Ayuronics Quality Assurance scheme has been designed to guarantee that our consumable products are of uppermost quality.

Scitra Ayuronics are always interested in:


    • When the product is tested & analysed,
    • What kind & type Certification the product possesses.
    • Where the product is grown including sand quality and pesticide testing.
    • How it is stored to optimize freshness.
    • How the nutritional content is maintained and preserved.


We pride ourselves on our quality standards and always ensure that our products are clearly named & correctly botanically identified (including the Latin name) and clearly inform where the botanical material is from, and/or where it is manufactured. We evidently inform the shelf life and best before dates for the botanical material to remain fresh, potent & nutritionally stable.

Ayuronics products are packed & sealed in re-sealable airtight packaging of pharmacopeia grade, and this is to ensure the optimum storage conditions for an extensive shelf life. Our ingredients come with a certificate of analysis where possible, to demonstrate that they are tested for appearance, taste, odour, constituents, microbiology levels, heavy metals & pesticides, they also meet the pharmacopeia grade standards where appropriate.

We use 100% pure botanical materials with absolutely nothing surplus added as a bulking agent to ensure, that our costumers can get the finest quality. Moreover, Our products contain ingredients from suppliers who are fully compliant with their Environmental health departments, and who follow GMP. (Good Manufacturing Practises)

We have graphics to demonstrate our quality standards: quality, organic, gluten free and vegan.