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Tera Ventura Agro and Textiles Pvt Limited

Street Address: 144, By-pass road, First Floor, Fathima Nagar ,


Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Manufacturer of Stevia based Natural Sweetener

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Stevia, Sweetener, Natural Sweetener, Zero Calorie Sweetener, Low Calorie Sweetener, Sugar Free, Diabetic

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Welcome to LaStevia

Are you a Sports Person, building Stamina & Muscles?
Does your sports guide says NO to Sugar?
Do you want to avoid Obesity and be Fit?
Does your health instructor says NO to Sugar?
Want to control blood sugar, balance hypertension and avoid dental cavities?
Your Doctor says NO to Sugar?
What is the alternate?

Stevia – the No Sugar, Zero Calorie Sweetener

Are you worried about Chemical Sweeteners like
Saccharin – A sweetener derived from Petroleum compound
Aspartame – An artificial sweetener made from bacterial fermentation
Sucralose – A chemically modified chlorinated sugar

Stevia – A natural plant extract is your answer


What happens when a team of professionals set out to solve this myriad of issues?

LaStevia is Born