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Street Address: No 248-A, Karuppur Manthai Mayiladuthurai Tk


Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Telecom passive and Active Infra works

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: 1.TSP (Telecom Civil/ Electrical/ Network/ MW and RF) 2.Telecom DC products Service (SMPS/Battery/Li-Ion/Inverter) 3. All kinds of Electrical works/ Civil

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

We undertake Telecom Infrastructure projects, Fiber rollout projects, Telecom InfraEquipments maintenance and Electrical contract works.

Our aim is to work in creative, innovative and challenging environment and prove ourselves to be a complete efficient Professional team. The company FIARA TECHNOLOGIES has established in 15.10.2012 and has all registered documents (TIN, CST and ST….. Now GSTN).

FIARA Technologies projects:

On-Going Projects:

  • Own built Tower project for Reliance Jio Infocom Limited,
    • Site survey and marking work
    • Civil foundation work
    • Tower erection work
    • Electrical work
    • Handing Over to O&M team.


  • Site Enhancement activity to Indus Through Vertiv Energy(Emerson),
    • Site survey and CR activity planning
    • Swapping SMPS from older version to NextGen
    • Swapping SMPS from Indoor to Outdoor
    • Earth pit erection
    • Laying of Power cables from SMPS to Batt and Load.


  • Site Enhancement activity to RJIL Through Exicom Tele-System Ltd.,
    • Installation of additional Li-Ion batteries in Rjil sites
    • Commissioning of Li-Ion batteries in Rjil sites.


  • Corrective maintenance activity With AmaraRaja batteries Ltd.,
    • Replacement of faulty batteries in Live sites without service affecting
    • Field support to Clients of AmaraRaja.
    • Installation of new battery banks in Telecom sites with transportation.

Projects Handled by FIARA:

Fiara Technologies has started the projects on July 2012 with a small team of three members, but now its grown to big one as dreamed. We have handled different types of projects and different customers.We have done the following projects,

  • Dual power source work at Bharti Airtel Remote Switching Unit (RSU)-Exchange sites and completed the DC power plant, Battery bank, DC distribution box, power interface unit installation and different rated power cable laying work in a short period at Madurai and Coimbatore with customer satisfaction. We have worked in the live equipment’s room, without disturbing the live network& shifted one source of power for all the equipment’s without down time.


  • Power plant swapping (Older model to new model) work at Bharti Airtel Remote Switching Unit (RSU)-Exchangesites without downtime.Customer  appreciated our team for replacing 22nos of power plant at Madurai and Coimbatore area RSU sites and achieved 0%(Zero%) downtime to them. During the activity we have used fully insulated tools to avoid short circuit, before starting the activity we have checked all the site condition and planned accordingly to achieve zero% down time.


  • We have done 10nos of site up gradation work at Bharti Airtel backbone(ADM-OFC) sites in Tamilnadu and Kerala without any issues to their live network equipment’s.Installation of DC power plant, Battery bank, DC distribution box, power interface unit and different rated power cable laying work Customer appreciated our team for proper work and proper utilization of materials.


  • We have done the C10 test (Battery bank) at Tata Teleservices Ltd, ROTN. We have used the external load coils for the test and used the external power plant for recharging the discharged battery bank, so to avoid the critical stage of the network


  • We have done BSC installation project at BSNL, Thiruchirapalli. During the project we have laid 240sq.mm cable from Ground floor power plant to the third floor power distribution unit via  vertical cable tray, Equipment racks installation, Fiber cable routing, Cat5e cable routing for Cisco routers and switches, power cable for equipment racks. AC cable laying for UPS DB to ACDB from 3rd floor to 1st floor. Customer appreciated our team for quality work done. Terminated the power cable in the live DC power plants without any disturbance to the live network. Installed the Cisco switch equipment’s, VAS equipment’s and power distribution units.


  • We have done AC cable laying work at Bharti Airtel Backbone site from EB pole ground floor to second floor MCCB box, via outside the building.


  • We have  done the Diesel Generator replacement (Old to New) works at Airtel sites


  • We have done UPS installation project at Trichy BSNL site, during the project installed the 2000Ah battery bank, 260kva UPS panel , ACDB panel and laied the different rated power cable (240sq.mm, 150sq.mm, 70sq.mm) for BB to UPS and input / Output of the UPS panel.


  • We have done the Router / Switch racks, Storage racks installation at Trichy BSNL site for Wipro, during the project erected the SUN, M9000K, WIPRO equipments racks and laied the power cable with intl sockets.


  • We have done the NGN (Next Generation Network) project at Trichy and Coimbatore area BSNL sites, during the project installed the Voice, Data processing equipments loaded racks, subscriber cable laying, Tag black krone fixing work and testing the subscriber line after commissioning the site.


  • We have done some minor projects in Airtel MSC, Indus tower sites, like Stabilizer installation, Battery bank replacement, power cable replacement, cable tray work, Router fixing, Fiber splicing,…etc.



Channel Partner:


  1. We are the service channel partners of Vertiv Energy (Emerson Network power) pvt ltd., for Installation and servicing of their DC power system, IIPMS system and UPS. Our covering area has enlarged due to our team responsibility and work knowledge of Service Engineers. We havepersons with technical knowledge for this kind of projects, so that we are able to satisfy the customers and the parent company too. We haveseparate team setup (Fig-2) for this project to improve the customer base and quality.


  1. We are the service channel partners of Exicom tele-Systems ltd., for Installation and servicing of their DC power system and Li-Ion batteries.


  1. We are the service channel partners of AmaraRaja Batteries ltd., for Installation and servicing of their VRLA batteries and project activities.



Team Strength:

We have experienced and energetic team for all kinds of telecom infrastructure related works. Good pay and good allowances to the field engineers and technicians for work in good energy level.  Having the supervisors to supervises the work.

 We have our Operations office at Thiruchirapalli, Being located in the center of Tamilnadu, we can move anywhere in tamilnadu within a seven hours.

Employee Benefits in FIARA:

  • Group Medical Insurance Policy
  • ESI to Employee and family
  • EPF as per act
  • TA/DA and incentives

           Firm Name:


Registered No’s:

GST No                                    :           33BXEPM7460C1ZO

MSME UAN No            :           TN13E0002865

PAN No                        :           BXEPM7460C (Proprietor)

EPF Reg No                  :           CBTRY1720480000

ESI Reg No                   :           63000990460001010

RoTN Circle Office: (Only For Communication)                                                           

                                    No.12B, 1st floor,                                

                                    3rd street, Iqbal colony,                     

                                    (Near TVS Tollgate),                          

Pudukottai road,                                


     Contact Us:

            Contact Person 1         :           Rajkumar M

Mail Id                         :           fiaratechnologies@gmail.com

            Office Mobile              :           +91 7845 909080


            Contact Person 2         :           Fizal Ahamed K

Mail Id                         :           projects.fiaratech@gmail.com

            Office Mobile              :           +91 97901 54165

Registered Office:

            No.248-A, Karuppur

            Manthai, Mayiladuthurai [Tk]

            Nagapattinam [Dt]