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Spice & Art

Street Address: C 12 Shivmangal Paradise Wadala Pathardi road

City: Nashik

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Strategic business consulting professional with over 29 years of hospitality industry experience. Assessment of operating units, new startup projects, Internal work and food safety audits, risk assessment, process improvement, strategic business planning are some of our services

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Strategic Business Consulting, hospitality, hotel, restaurants, business strategy planning, kitchen design and planning, cost optimization, labour optimization, business development, project startup, food safety, food safety audit, work sadery audit, internal audit, process audit

Office Location: Maharashtra

Let curiosity drives “restaurateur” inside you. In India, our diverse cuisine cultures have mesmerized the world. Even our Prime Minister had taken a note of India’s rich culinary culture. So, don’t be afraid of living up to your dreams. There are number of ways to enter into food businesses with endless possibilities. Take the first step and call us, we will help you to put your dreams into reality, a dream project or a budget project.

We are here therefore to offer a meaningful consulting which emphasies on Strategic Business Planning. Some of the important aspects which are unfortunately neglected by most of the food businessmen are working with specific vision, mission, objectives, process improvement, business performance assessments, SWOT analysis.

Look at the statistics given by NRAI, the market share by hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, food businesses for the forthcoming years is worth investing in these sector, but with the help of a thoroughly professional consulting expert in this field. We have been in this field with the handson experience for more than 29 years now.

  • Our Processes

Existing operation assessment (4 days)

  • Site visit & Kick-off meeting

  • Assessing the “is business conditions”

  • Record the findings

  • Compare the findings with Standards

  • Prepare report & design new work strategy

New project or concept (6 to 8 weeks)

  • Kick of Project discussion

  • Alignment discussions

  • Research & development

  • Discovery tour

  • Development & alignment on Strategy

  • Documentation (business proposal)

  • Our Values

“KretR” Devo Bhavah (Client in Sanskrit), Cost Effective solutions, Genuine solutions, Continuous improvement, Agility & Futuristic approach

  • Our Vision

(Phase one: (2020 – 2025) Becoming a leading reference in complete hospitality advisory sector in Maharashtra.

Phase two: (2025 – 2030) Becoming a leading reference in complete hospitality advisory sector in 6 Major States of India


  • Our Mission

(We are intended to make every possible effort to become leading hospitality advisors by providing genuine solutions to business and organizations in the hospitality, retail, food processing, and service industry for their sustainable growth. We will be known for our 3 mission principles: Create customer trust, Boost recognition and Value addition