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Shirdi sai Aquatics

Street Address: Door No 157 Manjunatha road,Thayagaraj nagar 2nd block.

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Aquarium pro biotech,Aquarium bacteria,Aqua cultural bacteria,Aquarium water treatment,Fish Medicine,Fish feed supplements,Aquarium water conditinor,Aquarium water chlorine remover,Aquarium water Alge remover,Aquarium oxygen,Aquarium water clearner,Aquarium ammonia remover,water treatment. Dog & Cat pro biotech,Fish pro biotech,Aqua cultural biotech, Home garden,kitchen garden,plant fertilizers,petcare,pet medicine, pesticides,water nitrate remover,Aquarium plant remover

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: aquarium water purifier,aquarium water filter fish tank,pond water,Aquaculture,fishkeeping,reduce ammonia,reduce nitrate,blueweight, Plant soil indoor

Office Location: Karnataka

We, the Shirdisai Aquatics are Distribution Partner for quality products for use in

Aquariums, Artificial Ponds ,Pets and home/Kitchen/Terrace Gardens .

We are India based startup, with Objective of expansion & diversification for

socio-economical benefits of public interest. We don't want to be a temporary

player hence we always look for establishing a long terms relationship with our

partners and new & exciting customers.



Our mission is to service with products,which are ecological sustainable and

economically affordable




Our vision is to supply the customers at the remotest' parts thorough diversify

marketing and logistics channels, globally

We are authorized distributor for top brands,such as OZPOLISH ,Vetezi and

Leffi for pets & garden supplies. Since inception during July 2019. we have

generated significant statics toward revenue generation,as on January 2020.

Our next goal is to increase this further so that we could participate in

employment creation as well.