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Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We Are Manufacture and repacking of TEA & Honey

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: TEA & HONEY

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

Incorporated in April 2016 Agronica India Private Limited (AIPL) is a dream & passion of its owner to provide world class (India Ki Chai)  Organic Green and Herbal Tea, CTC, Masala Chai, Summer  Masala Chai, and Organic Natural Honey.

What We Provided

Agronica Teas is creating a brand around premium and healthy teas in multiple ways. Our teas are from reputed organic gardens. That provide classical teas.  We sell organic tea leaves any fruits, spices or flower flavoring that is used is 100% natural. Our herbal teas are made of herbs produced in Himalayan valley. These are chemical free and are naturally processed. Also these are large cut herbs that provide exquisite taste and health benefits. We use only whole leaf teas that retain high amount of antioxidants. The antioxidants fundamentally drive most of the health benefits. Tea is best brewed is loose form. For convenience we also provide tea in pyramid shaped tea bags that allow space for whole leaves to expand. Since out teas are whole leaves these are recommended to be reused (White tea 2-3 times, Green and Oolong tea 1-2 times , Black and Herbal teas one time). The taste of original tea varies significantly from tea garden to tea garden. Also the teas picked up from the same tea garden over the year vary in taste significantly most of the teas available in the market are blended with strong flavored and low cost tea leaves to maintain same taste all throughout the year while optimizing the cost. This is like adding strong spices to various dishes that and up dominating the taste of the main dish. we at Agronica do not blend teas and retain the original taste of the teas that many very time to time. 

Our Product Range

Classical Loose  Green and Herbal Tea’s:-

  • Immunity Booster Green Tea
  • Digestion Green Tea
  • Relaxation Green Tea
  • Relax Classic Tea ( No Tea – No Caffeine Free)      
  • Herbal Diabetes tea
  • Affini Green Tea
  • Immuni Green Tea
  • Infini Green Tea
  • Kashmir Kahwa Tea
  • Jasmine Green  Tea
  • Organic Darjeeling Tippy Black (Black Tea)
  • Organic Assam Black Buds (Black Tea)
  • Organic Gorgeous Green Pearls
  • Organic MaoFeng (Green Tea)
  • Darjolong Rose (Oolong Tea)
  • Silver Needle White Tea (White Tea)

 Herbal Infusions

  • Organic Immuni- Tea (Tea Bags)
  • Organic Affini-Tea (Tea Bags)
  • Organic Infini-Tea (Tea Bags)
  • Organic Divini-Tea (Tea Bags)
  • Organic English Breakfast (Tea Bags)

Masala Chai  

  • Masala Chai – 20 Spice & Herbs
  • Summer Masala Chai- 15 Spice & Herbs

 CTC Tea (Regular Milk Tea)

  • Assam Kadak – CTC
  • Assam  Kadak Premium
  • Assam Kadak – Elaichi

 Organic Honey

  • Organic Kashmir Honey
  • Organic Wild Forest Honey (Multi Flora)