It is our pleasure to Introduce our selves a largest manufacturer of Industrial Diamond Tools  for the last Three Decades in India.

As a part of our Ambitious plans for Expansion in many areas,

Now we are glad  to  offer  you  our  products  ;  Single  Point Diamond Dresser ,Impregnated , Cluster, Multi  Point , Blade Type Dragoon Diamond Dresser, Chisel  Type  Diamond Dresser,Diamond Turning tools,Diamond Gauging Fingers or Marposs Pins and tips,Rotary Diamond Dressers, Crown Type dresser, CBN  Wheels ,ElectroPlated Wheels, Metal   Bonded    Wheels  Testing   Rock well   Indenter   , Vickers Indenters , Diamond files ,Saw Blades, , PCD /PCBN Inserts ,MCD Diamond dressers,Diamond Turning Inserts.

And   more   than    anything     need   Our   Customers   required   in diamond products we are specialist in special Tools.

JPR Diamond Tools   has   Have 4 Plants in Chennai Total Employ over 30 Employees.  

Its advance and complete production line is suitable for higher levels of quality and consistency.  Experienced   professionals   and experts work in tandem towards providing you.

Diamond   Tools   products   as  per  your  drawing  and  specifications  with  the  best  price to Performance  ratio.

R & D have always been a prominent   department   for   JPR  diamond tools   Tests and   Analysis in great

Details   Ensure the reliability of those   designs of experiments. Inspection procedures are carried out .At every  key stage of manufacturing process.  A well Established customer base, Developed over

Many    years is Testimony to JPR Diamond Tool quality products.  All Our Endeavors   and

Initiatives   are clearly centered on the customer and are committed to Ensure Greatest customer satisfaction.

We welcome your interest in Diamond tools and request you to contact us for your requirements.                                      

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