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Street Address: 61/40, LUKER ROAD, LUKERGANJ


Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Being a medical health enterprises, unit engaged in PPE Kit, Surgeion Kit, Eye Drop, HIV Kit, Delivery Kit, Dialysis Kit.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: PPE Kit, Surgeion Kit, Eye Drop, HIV Kit, Delivery Kit, Dialysis Kit

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

Manexpimp Surgicare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of surgical kits, drape packs and kits, eye drape with drain pouch, cotton rolls, etc.  With an experience of four years in the industry, we have already carved a niche for ourselves as makers of genuine surgical items. At Manexpimp Surgicare (India) Pvt. Ltd., we have adopted a professional approach to handling our business. Our business ideals and policies are transparent. That is why we have climbed the ladder of success so quickly despite being a relatively new startup.

The quality of our products has taken the attention of the global market very swiftly and has helped us leave deep footprints in the global market. We are proud to say that no one can compare to us when it comes to quality and punctual delivery. We never fail any of our customers whenever there is any order. And we are happy to announce that we respond to orders of any quantity without any hesitation.