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Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment

Street Address: No.1, Kambar Street,, Thiruvallur 602001

City: Thiruvallur

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Waste Management, Door to Door Collection, Compost manure production, Biogas Plant Installation, Briquette Production, Zero Waste Management, Waste Disposal and Rubbish Clearance, Garbage collection, Conservancy Work

Business Type: Service Sector


Office Location: Tamil Nadu

                                                 Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment (SERVE)

1. Preamble: Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment is dedicated to the development and empowerment of disadvantaged groups, and especially rural, Urban Women and tribal families, through grassroots action, research and education. We see the status of the natural environment as key in the development process. Since poor and marginalized people lack the resources needed to reduce the negative effects of a degraded environment, a damaged natural environment will hit the most vulnerable groups of society the hardest. At the same time, people living with scarce resources are usually directly dependent on their close natural environment for their daily survival.

2. Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment - Evolution: Dumping of solid waste on the streets was very much prevalent in various Place. The Municipality's garbage collection trucks would clear the waste and there was found strewn on the road and would pilfer to the drains lining the side of the road. When there was a heavy rain the solid waste would block the drains and water would stagnate on the roads. Thus unhygienic conditions prevailed which became worse when it rained.

3. Background of SERVE: Waste generation is strongly linked to per capital income and consumption. As income increases, consumption increases as income spent on goods and services is more. This is more when there is transition from low income level to middle income level. This could be attributed to changing lifestyles, food habits and living standards, since urban consumers consume more than rural consumers, generation of waste in urban areas is higher. Waste is complex one though it appears to be simple for consumers, because consumer is worried only clearing the rubbish from his household area and he/she is not concerned with the chain action of waste causing pollution in earth, water and air. Waste management work is, at present' related to no body's business but now the time is appropriate to make this waste as everybody's business . The waste collection is primarily, the duty of the local government. Since, the services are handled by semi skilled sanitary personnel, the services are often inadequate. This, in turn, causes continuous threat to public health. Also, the Waste Management and Sanitation services are costly partly due to focusing on a large scale solution instead of establishing community level participatory options. Therefore, there is an urgent need to make 'waste management' as everybody's business through community action groups.

4. Action Focus

a) Solid Waste Management b) Micro Enterprises using waste as a new material c) Biogas Production & Briquittes d) All Kinds of Industrial Waste (Scrap) e) Nursery raising f) Meeting and seminars once in a month to address civic issues l) Health and Hygienic

5. Strategy Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment will focus on the following strategies for implementing activities for the development of the society:

Net working with the likeminded organizations

Main streaming gender in the development activities

Integrating youth in the development process

Livelihood options to address poverty reduction for SHG women

Promotion of trade related activities for women from disadvantaged communities.

14. Successful of Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment:

The achievement of Sam Eco Radial Vision Environment have been establishing Dustbin free and garbage free communities in 30,000 households or covering a population 50,000 (Thirty Thousand) since its inception. · Implementation of SWMS Rules 2016 management and Handling in a professional manner in all sites. ·

Ensuring segregation of waste at source households on · Daily door to door collection of segregated waste a daily basis. Pamphlet with the segregation details handed over to each household · Constructing Eco friendly and scientifically designed compost bins · Processing of waste into good manure · Sweeping, pickup, plastics, polyethylene paper, garden waste, dry leaves and other material collecting them and transporting them to the yard in all sites.