We at PKC come up with the best practices in each sector, so that, the country
as such benefits from our efforts. We are currently in the process of
documenting our best practices and understanding of the various sectors to put
them up online and thereby contribute to the nation’s and people’s
developmental efforts. PKC has over the 54 years+ experience in auditing has
developed an efficient procedure for auditing, which is in line with the Sections
2, 3 and 4 of the “Terms of Reference for an Expenditure Verification of a Grant
Contract – External Action of the European Union”.
PKC has satellite units in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Gurgaon. It is an
India-based professional services firm that focuses as much on its services. For
over 5 decades we have been actively catering to small, medium-sized and big
companies across the world. Our clients range from a wide range of industries
and sectors, and we are certified members of most of the renowned global
accountancy bodies.
We endeavour to set high performance standards within the consulting
industry. We also aim at creating a highly efficient networking and distribution
system for wider access to markets. This requires advanced techniques for
gathering market information and consumer surveys.