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Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology is one of the India's largest Shipping software products company providing innovative and integrated enterprise solutions ensuring customer satisfaction. Founded in 2005, Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology software engineers are providing solutions to enterprises across the SCM market place. Rapportsoft is head quartered in Pune, India and has 2 development centres across the globe to cater to large clientele.
Our experience and expertise in executing large software development projects is a complementary mix of project management, business process analysis and enterprise class technology.
Backed by our strong quality processes and rich experience managing global clients across various business verticals, we align IT strategies to your business goals. Along with our best of breed technology partners, Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology also helps you with your IT infrastructure needs.
We are authorized VGM (Verify Gross Mass) vender and approved by D. G. Shipping Mumbai.




Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology Pvt Ltd   would like to thanks our customer to showing interest in our products.


Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology Pvt. Ltd is the leading strategic IT partner for companies across India - offering integrated IT solutions. We plan, deploy, sustain and maintain your IT lifecycle through our total outsourcing, consulting services, business solutions and professional services. Rapportsoft Consulting & Technology helps you drive momentum in your organization - no matter what domain you are in.


Rapportsoft ISO

  • ISO 9001:2015   – Quality Management System
  • ISO 20000:2011 – Information Technology Service Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System

Rapportsoft Domain Specializations


  1. Container Freight Station CFS
  2. Empty Yard Management system
  3. Bonded, General and Cold Storage Warehouse
  4. Verified Gross Mass Application (VGM)
  5. Import and Export Activity (Non-Customs)
  6. Shipping Line: Performa Invoice System by UI and JSON API
  7. Shipping Line: Import Export Manifest
  8. shipping Line: EGM (Export General Manifest) Merge System
  9. Bulk Digisign Application (Digital signature Automation)
  10. Ocean & Air Freight Forwarding Management System
  11. Mobile Application Development
  12. E-Invoice
  13. External System Integration by API

Rapportsoft Product Details:-

  1. Container Freight Station CFS:
  •  It contains Import, Export, Bond, Auction and Finance operation.
  1.  Empty Yard Management system:
  • Empty Container operation and MNR process
  1. Bonded, General and Cold Storage Warehouse:
  • Custom Bonded Warehouse, General and Cold Storage Warehouse operation
  1. Verified Gross Mass Application (VGM):
  • Container VGM as per DG Shipping Mumbai. Authorized vendor for VGM approved by DG Shipping Mumbai.
  1. Import and Export Activity (Non-Customs):
  • We have covered all domestic activity for Import and Export activity with On wheel, Factory Stuff, Buffer, Hub Containers with invoice and reports module.
  1. Performa Invoice System by UI and JSON API:
  • USer upload IGM or Manifest
  • HBL-MBL Excel upload configuration.
  • Tariff based on Line, Location, Terminal, Container Size/Type, Cargo Type and Rates are configurable according to Normal and Slab.
  • Mapping of Local and Manifest Charges.
  • USer can take Performa invoice for local charges, Ocean Freight Charge (OFT) and container wise Detention charges with currency conversion (Daily based or Vessel/Voyage based via UI or JSON API.
  • Performa invoice generation based on Single BL or Bulk invoice aginst Vessel/Voyage.
  • Performa Invoice excel report.
  • Auto Performa invoice facility.
  1. Shipping Line: Import Export Manifest Module
  • Import Process:-
  • A] Upload IFTMIN File in Rapportsoft.
  • 1. Rapportsoft System will download IFTMIN file from docsys.
  • 2. Generate Vessel – Voyage master entry.
  • 3. Generate Master entry for Consignee party and notify party.
  • 4. Rapportsoft will upload that IFTMIN file against Vessel Name.
  • 5. Check consignee details with master entry.
  • 6. If consignee or notified party not matches with Rapportsoft system then display error against BL. (Error is shown on display as well as downloaded in excel format).
  • 7. After Successful upload of IFTMIN file following process are performed automatically.
  • a. In case of transshipment to upper gulf, change consignee name.
  • b. Update First IMCO and UN class in case of HAZ cargo.
  • c. Update packaging type to PKGS if one container has different packages type.
  • d. Cargo description is picked from IFTMIN.
  • e. Remove the statement like Free Days, 5 Days Free, 7 Days Free.
  • f. In case of over gauge container height, left, right, front, back updated from IFTMIN.
  • 8. Transshipment BL’s are highlighted using dashboard. (Upper gulf).
  • 9. Upload onboard list to cross check containers with uploaded IFTMIN file in Rapportsoft. Crosschecking done with container no and mismatch is highlighted in downloadable format.
  • B] Generate Manifest file and discharge list file
  • 1. After uploading IFTMIN file in Rapportsoft user generate manifest file.
  • 2. User can update MNR Number after successfully upload manifest file.
  • 3. Separate dashboard for display all data of IFTMIN file for FPOD is not JEA.
  • 4. User will update Feeder Vessel details.
  • 5. Upload the VGM details using excel upload for Upper gulf.
  • 6. Generate final discharge list.
  • 7. Generate load list for upper gulf containers.
  • C] Container Movement:-
  • 1. Update container tracking details using excel upload and view.
  • Export Process:-
  • A] Update Booking Information in Rapportsoft:-
  • 1. Export booking information is updated in Rapportsoft in two ways,
  • 1. Manual entry
  • 2. Using Excel upload.
  • 2. While updating if shipper , C&F, Haulier data is not present then user has to update
  • the data and then again upload the booking information.
  • 3. After successfully upload booking information in Rapportsoft system will generate EDI.
  • B] Generate CRO (Container Release Order):-
  • 1. After successful upload of EDI file confirmation email is send by trade.
  • 2. Rapportsoft will read that e-mail BRN and DP BRN will uploaded in Rapportsoft.
  • 3. In response to above e-mail system will send CRO to the customer via e-mail.
  • C] Generate Manifest & Discharge List for upper gulf:-
  • 1. User update details for feeder vessel in Rapportsoft system.
  • 2. Options for manually update data send by upper gulf user.
  • 3. Option for upload predefined excel file to update data send by upper gulf user.
  • 4. After that operation team will generate feeder discharge list and manifest file.
  1. shipping Line: EGM (Export General Manifest) Merge System:
  •  Port and Location master Entry.
  • Vessel/Voyage Entry.
  • Onboard List Upload using excel.
  • EAL Sheet upload using Excel.
  • Generate Master file from Onboard List and EAL.
  • Agentwise EGM upload process.
  • Generate Error file during EGM upload.
  • Auto Category (ICD/LOCAL/HUB) updated based on scenario.
  • Auto Updation Category tracking reports.
  • MCD format report creation.
  • Full EGM merge generation file for Vessel and Voyage.
  • Reports: Agent wise Summary, Container wise Summary reports, Category wise Summary reports, monthly vessel summary reports etc.





  1. Bulk Digisign Application (Digital signature Automation)

DigiSigner is automated, unattended server side file signing solution. It runs on the server to sign files in an automated mode without needing any user intervention. Using this solution, thousands of files can be automatically signed at regular specified intervals


  • Automatic Server-side Bulk Signing, no manual interaction needed once configured
  • Signs files of pdf format.
  • Supports embedding digital signatures in PDF documents
  • Files can be signed using a certificate on the machine
  • Supports embedding digital signatures in PDF documents
  • Local Machine Time is time stamped into the signatures
  • Signing logs are generated
  1. Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding Management System:
  • Organization Management
  • Opportunity, Booking, Carting, HBL, MBL creation with Local and Foreign currency
  • Notification
  • Sale CRM
  • Invoice module
  • Reports/ Documents
  • Automail, SMS and WhatsApp based customer integration
  • EDI/CODECCO integration with external system.
  1. Mobile Application Development:
  • We have developed customized Android mobile application as per customer requirements.
  1. E-Invoice:
  • As per Indian Finance ministry policy and NIC, we have E-Invoice product to send Invoice related details to NIC system from existing customer system and getting IRN and QR code on invoice print.
  1. External System Integration by API:
  • Rapportsoft API modules can be connected to customers different system to each other which has been communicated by secured Restful API.

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