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Yathaavat Aromatics

Street Address: 68-a Mohan nagar

City: Agra

Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We're building a bridge between farmers and consumers. Helping farmers in the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal crops & procuring at reasonable prices. We are working hard to create a platform/community which can increase the income of the farmers and can bring sustainable development to all stakeholders.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Essential Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Chamomile Oil, Basil Oil, Holy Basil Oil, Eucalyptus Ol, Geranium Oil, Vetiver Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, herbs, Hydrosols

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

Our Story

A passionate first generation entrepreneur Manendra Singh (ran venture of logistics and fashion apparels) was hustling to explore problem, gap and opportunity to solve and bring sustainable impact in lives of millions. When he took a break and spent sometime in village near to Agra then his emotions touched with agriculture and he fell in love in solving problems of agriculture and farmers. He decided to work on unconventional crops to uplift lives of farmers which can create small dent and can contribute in economy of country. He started learning on medicinal and aromatics plants in late 2017. He planned to start its farming to increase dimension of learnings in this domain and started motivating other farmers towards aromatics crops. In 2018, these efforts gave birth to Yathaavat which blends passion and essence to soothe, heal and enhance customer experience by keeping health, safety and wellness at the centre. Currently, we are involved in Ayurveda and essential oils and their hydrosols.


Yathaavat founded by Manendra Singh. Now, we have 100+ farmer clusters across the country. We have mentors from aromatics industry, agriculture universities, IITs, etc.


To be globally admired Medicinal & Aromatics brand that enhances the quality of life of all stakeholders.


1. To build bridge between producer and consumer.
2. Stewardship towards nature, agriculture, Ayurveda & essential oils.
3. High-quality, purity, and affordable Ayurveda & essential oils.
4. Farming with high ethics and standards.
5. Sustainable impact on community we touch and love.


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Customer Focused