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Street Address: Flat No:- Ward No. 01, Building:- Village Jangal, P.O. Alampur, Road/Street:- Village Jangal, Village/Town:- Tehsil-Jaisinghpur, Block:- Ward no. 1, City:- Palampur


Province/State: Himachal Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: All service provider tender, all scrap tender/waste oil, infomediatory services.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: All service provider tender, all scrap tender/waste oil, infomediatory services.

Office Location: Himachal Pradesh

WWW.SARVESHWARA.COM was launched in 2021 as an online B2B Global marketplace. It is the premier platform for business. We serve producers, sellers and buyers in India. SARVESHWARA provides local search related services to users in India. The organization also aims to make communication between users and businesses seamless through its real-time chat messenger.
Tools made by individuals in the country which are designed for the use of the users. It is the goal of SARVESHWARA to enable those tools to be used by local users.
The company's mission is 'to make the business modern and easy'. Our goal is to establish a relationship between the manufacturer, the seller and the buyer. So that there is an increase in the business of each side.
Our goal is to make the list of the products of the manufacturers accessible to each buyer located in the country and regions.
We do this by providing the necessary tools to reach buyers to promote the products of the manufacturer and seller, helping the manufacturer sell the product and the seller's products quickly and efficiently.
As the SARVESHWARA platform, we want to develop services to help businesses become more modern and discover new opportunities .