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Arya Biotechnologies

Street Address: Railway station Road

City: Aurangabad

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We are manufacturing a wholesome range of quality products providing premium organic farm inputs & animal feed-supplements. We are one of the few companies in the world, producing organic chelated bio-available plant nutrients, plant growth promoters, soil conditioners, herbal pest repellents, animal, pet, poultry nutrients (Engineered minerals – ENGIMINS) etc. Our products have been approved by ECOCERT since 2006 for NPOP, EC and US-NOP regulations, and many of our repeat-users, farmers have their own success stories using our products.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Organic Fertilizer, fertilizer, organic manure, Growth Supplements , Organic farming Inputs, animal feed supplements, Poultry Feed supplements, Pet Supplements,

Office Location: Maharashtra

Arya Biotechnologies

Started in 2005, we began manufacturing organic farm inputs and further went on to get the products attested by ECOCERT. Encouraged by our small successes with existing products, we added nutrient formulations for crops and livestock to our product range in 2014. We introduced a customized bioavailable nutrient-formulation range, which we refer to as ENGIMINS, aimed at satisfying plant and animal nutrient requirement for better productivity. We believe in taking small steps to make a greater difference! Based in the historic city of Aurangabad, India, we aim at solving farming community’s problems. Currently, we have a range of more than 30 completely organic plant and animal nutrition products.

Our Journey

In this journey of 16 years, our company has grown in terms of wealth, production & network base. We have uplifted process management and quality of our Natural Plant Pest Repellent, Animal Feed Supplement, Plant Growth Stimulant with time. Also, over the period of time, we have improved our strategies, policies and production techniques which contributes in the overall development of our company. In this glorified journey, our team members have major contribution as they work day & night with complete dedication and determination. Moreover, this journey has taught us how to  become consistent, persistent and growth-oriented.

Our Purpose

Our company is operating with the main purpose of contributing towards the growth of poultry, agriculture and other sectors. We seek for revolutionizing these sectors by delivering better resources to our customers. This way we easily exceed their expectations in terms of quality, quantity and product prices.

Facilities We Acquire

Our company has built a well-equipped infrastructure facility at Aurangabad, Maharastra which is well-connected with the major transportation network. We have acquired latest tools, instruments and technology to smoothly manage the processes of production, quality control, packaging, deliveries, etc. These facilities allow us to serve a heavy quantity of Plant Growth Stimulant, Natural Plant Pest Repellent, Animal Feed Supplement, etc., without compromising with the quality of any single product. Moreover, each team member works with grit and determination under these sophisticated facilities.  

Focus Areas

The main focus of our company is to build our image for strong and become a key player in the market. Our focus areas include:-

  • Staying updated through research & development
  • Practicing effective customer retention techniques
  • Staying well-prepared for meeting urgent requirements
  • Improving quality of process, products & management


  • To offer research validated Agricultural & Live stock bio-available organic inputs 
  • Sustainable & continuous improvement in crop productivity with higher input efficiency based on new and proprietary technologies


  • To offer solutions in plant and animal health based on biotechnology
  • To offer organic inputs leading to high-yielding crops with better nutritive-value and enhanced storage life
  • To offer research validated bio-available organic inputs for plants and animals


“ Caring for Ecology Serving Farming
       community, Worshipping
       Continuous improvement by applied learning”