CTTD EPEACE PRIVATE LIMTED is an B2B, B2C, D2C cloud based IT&ITES organization. It has competitive products in IT industries, Encouraging analytical projects & support activities for the customers with a cost-effective business solution. It has energetic chief management team to involve expertise from various domains in IT & Non-IT industries. It has started in the year 2021, for researching, analyzes and to provide right solutions from our research centre. It has research ideas for Go Green Environment for IoT based development solutions, AI, ML, AR/VR, Robotics, and other latest emerging technologies. It also extended their businesses in other manufacturing industries in Electronics, Aviation, Autonomous Transports, Solar, Energy, 3D Printing to understand their business and the solution required for their businesses. It has a wonderful global solution in free energy to generate power from printed Ultra-thin film solar cell stickers and Metal mixtures solution that can applied to any surfaces to produce electricity. It has around 25+ reliable business users with 500+ customers till now. It will grow faster in near future. The company has registered through MCA in the year 2021, the management is actively participating in events, webinars organized from Startup India, Startup TN, ICC, and others. It has ISO 9001:2015 certified in IT&ITES from the year 2021 onwards. It has copyrighted and following universal coding standards in their development projects, videos, audios, and other confidential documents. It also involved in import and export industries with the brand name Panicha.In(PAN India Corporate Hosting Authority) on Agricultural products, Garments, and Natural Stones originated from India.