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Stayzy Hygiene Pvt Ltd

Street Address: Gala no 12-14, Mamta Compound,Kaman Road, Near Mamta Electronics, Behind Baba School, Kaman, Vasai East. Palghar - 401208,

City: Vasai east

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Manufacturing sanitary napkin, baby diaper, adult diaper, under pad, wet wipes, Razor

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Sanitary Napkin, Sanitary Pad,personal hygiene, woman pad, mestrual hygiene

Office Location: Maharashtra

Stayzy Hygiene was started in 2018 with one mission- to introduce sanitary napkins into the market that have been carefully designed by women for women.

       The Indian market is flooded with sanitary napkin brands that are made of synthetic material, causing itching, rashes, and distress to many women every month during their menses. Swati and Sejal, the founders of Stayzy Hygiene, faced the same issues. This led them to start a business of producing cotton sanitary napkins that do not cause any irritation and are biodegradable. Stayzy Hygiene Private Limited started with only 80 square feet of production area. Over two years, the business grew enough to require 40,000 square feet. Swati and Sejal, ordinary employees in the banking and insurance sector respectively, talked about how one of the main issues they faced was the lack of support from Indian suppliers. Their original plan was to purchase sanitary napkins from Indian manufacturers and then sell those. However, this did not yield much success. The two sisters were finally forced to visit China to conduct research and find a manufacturer of quality sanitary napkins. The response to these napkins was so positive that they ultimately ended up purchasing the machine. Today, it stands 100 feet tall and can produce 400 pads in a minute. As the business grew, the hygiene industry started demanding more products from Stayzy Hygiene. Eventually, they had diversified into other products like baby diapers, razors, baby wipes, etc. In two years, the two sisters had expanded the business so much that they had to hire 25 more people. Currently, Swati heads the production team, while Sejal is in charge of marketing. Recently, the two ladies also bagged the Indian Achievers ’Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. Despite their rapid success, Sejal and Swati have always stayed true to their original cause. Stayzy Hygiene has been behind many social ventures to break the taboo surrounding menstruation. They have established sanitary napkin vending machines in schools. They have also collaborated with NGOs to distribute kits of their female hygiene products to rural women. In fact, they have even started their own NGO called the Stayzy Foundation. One of the founders, Sejal, regularly visits villages with her team. They conduct awareness campaigns to educate women about how to use their sanitary napkins and then safely dispose of them. Swati and Sejal’s journey has been an inspiring yet humbling one. The two ladies thank their husbands and family members for their success. They also vow to never give up on the noble venture of breaking the period taboo.