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Gubbare - The Kingdom of Handicrafts

Street Address: Sector 55

City: Gurgaon

Province/State: Haryana

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Hand crated plates

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Handpainted wall decorative products made on Teracotta and Wooden Plates

Office Location: Haryana

"Created with the heart; Crafted with the Hands.

God has blessed us the most valuable thing – “Dream”, if woven rightly it can turn into reality and create "Moments-that-Matter".

Our Dreams Help Us To Accomplish Happiness, Be Healthier And Always Surrounded By Loved Ones.

At Gubbare we are committed to make moments as thrilling as hopes, trust and positive vibes.

By the very nature of we as human being, we are always fascinated with stories and dreams. Our endeavour is to transform your imagination into a reality through Handmade articles that are passionately designed by experienced designers. Every article that is designed is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced because “Moment That Matter” is always personal.

Our foundation are centered around inclusivity, immersive feeling – The way  we "dream" impact the way we "live".

We deal in customized Handcrafted Terracotta or Wooden Plates in different sizes ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches and they weighs as per the size. The plates can be totally customized as per your requirement in different themes such as Persian , Katahakkali , Floral Patterns, Mandala Art, Figurines, Abstract, Pichwai Art, Madhubani Art, Rajasthani Designs, Tribal Art Form and many more. The plates come with a back keyhole and can be hassel free installed in your home and office spaces. We deliver pan India with delivery charges as per the location and weight of the order.