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URIEL is a truly professional turnkey consulting organization set up by first-line professional entrepreneurs with the purpose of providing high-quality value-driven industrial and environmental services to commercial, industrial, private, governmental, and non-governmental sectors. We are a growing State of Art Technology company Designing, Engineering, Installing, Commissioning, Training, and Service providers for ENERGY FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES.

We are recognized as a reputable service provider for the establishment of MOLASSES and GRAIN-BASED DISTILLERIES (FERMENTATION AND DISTILLATION UNITS) for the production of EXTRA NEUTRAL ALCOHOL / ETHANOL, as well as CO2 Recovery Units, BIOGAS Units, and DDGS Units, including erection, commissioning, and production operations, as well as developing/orienting technical teams to handle day-to- Due to our extensive experience with diverse distillation processes, we believe we can assist our clients considerably more effectively by providing efficient solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of their individual plants. Our services are reasonably priced and are always available to clients, ensuring their pleasure. Industries generate a large number of very toxic effluents throughout the manufacturing process, which contain extremely high levels of BOD, COD, TS, and TDS. On the basis of these facts, URIEL has developed a variety of methods and techniques for reducing the BOD and COD levels in the effluent, as well as the hydraulic load, in order to comply with severe pollution control standards. Our extensive experience, skill, and specialization are in the fields of biogas, evaporation, concentration, and drying for a variety of applications.

The exponential growth of global environmental awareness, coupled with increasing public pressure and legislative controls, has accelerated the need for all of us to take a more proactive approach to manage our own environmental impacts. Surprisingly, but undoubtedly, this approach also makes good economic sense in the majority of cases.

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