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Street Address: 7th floor, tower 1, express trade tower 2, sec 132

City: Noida

Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: NA

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: marketing consultant, lean manufacturing consultant, HR consultant, business process re-engineering consultant, sales and behavioural trainings

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

We are Delhi based boutique management consulting organization engaged in change management and business process transformation related to factories and establishments.

Our services portfolio is as under:

1.        Marketing Management:

Every organisation aspires to grow their sales and revenue. We provide consulting in areas of sales and revenue increase, new product launches, distribution and channel management and marketing strategy, conceptualizing marketing and sales methodology.

2.     Human Resource Management:

Proper functioning of any organisation requires established procedures and norms as per industry. We help organisations in conceptualising, developing and implementing of procedures related to issues of people management, measurement of people competency, appraisal system, compliances of statutes related to factories and establishments.

3.     Lean Manufacturing:

Under this service our portfolio comprises of 5S, lean and quality management, just in time, training and implementation of advanced Quality tools like SPC, DOE, QFD, SIPOC, SMED. & nbs.

4.     Business Process Re-engineering

We are providing solutions for improving business performance through business transformation tools like ratio analysis, management by objectives, balanced scorecard, policy deployment and business process reengineering etc.

5.     Sales and Behavioural Trainings:

We specialize in Developmental Trainings related to sales and behaviour  with a gamut of experienced trainers from different industries.

6.     Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

SOPs are the standard procedures which are required to be followed by the organisation for proper functioning of the various departments. We prepare the following SOPs in consultation with the top management:

a)  Human Resource Manual

b)  Sales Manual

c)   Stores Manual

d)  Purchase Manual

e)   Recruitment Manual

f)     Training and Development Manual

g)  Performance Management System Manual