We want to be pioneers of the world’s edible cutlery as an alternative to plastic disposables.

Plastic – a global challenge

Plastic has several advantages such as it is malleable (made into sheets), ductile (made into wires), is very durable (does not degrade over very long periods of time), has the capacity to hold about 1000 times its weight and is extremely low in price.

Why edible cutlery could be good for you ?

  • Edible cutlery is made of food materials and they come with nutritive contents.
  • Edible cutlery contains no chemicals, additives or even preservatives. They are 100% natural and baked products.
  • Edible cutlery falls under food category and hence, hygiene is of paramount importance.
  • Edible cutlery cannot be reused. These are baked at high temperatures; therefore, the likelihood of microbial spores to survive is very little. Even if these micro-spores land after production, they are not likely to germinate because, the products are dehydrated (which is why they have long shelf life, even without preservatives). Moisture is essential for life to germinate/generate.


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