We are leading Craft couverture chocolate makers in India, owing to our rich European experience in this field since 2001. We are the first of its kind chocolate makers to manufacture bespoke chocolate to suit every business’s needs and budget.

We strongly believe that each food business’s needs are unique, be it Bakeries who need chocolate for their baked goods and garnishes, chocolatiers who need specific strength chocolate for their creations, ice cream makers who need high fluidity

and intense chocolate for pastry chefs who needs keto chocolates or any other specific dietary requirements, we cover them all. We are a one stop solution for all your chocolate needs. Chokila is founded on the principles of sourcing sustainable

and ethical cocoa and pairing it with world-class ingredients. Our chocolates are inspired by nature and crafted to perfection from bean to bar by our dedicated team in small batches.

Our ethos is based on these pillars.