Posh Ayurveda as a mercantile has started for people to give them 100% safe and effective skin care which they always in seek off.  We produce 100% natural and quality rectifying products that not only gives Po¨shan to you but also works as ayurvedic remedial solution for your skin and hair problems. Journey that is started with self-care has been spread to different parts of the India focusing on use of natural and chemical free products for herself and loved ones for skin care.

We are committed to give everyone natural skin care and working continuously to improve it. 

Our products helping individual by adding variety of skin care and hair care range from daily skin care to ensure elegancy for special occasion too. We work hard for not so common people to give best quality at affordable prices.   

Posh Delicacies Includes – Natural ingredients,floral hydrosols,botanical herbs,natural waxes,organic cold-pressed oils,pure and organic essential oils,pure distilled water.    

Posh Delicacies Excludes – Chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum, alcohol,animal testing, parabens,SLS,SLES, synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, artificial fragrances.