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Street Address: 401, Nandini, Kores Towers, Pokhran road no 1, 401, B2, THANE


Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: SERVICES

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Sustainability audit consultancy, Total Waste Management Audit Consultancy, Water Consumption Audit Consultancy, Environmental Audit Consultancy, Energy Consumption Audit & Management Consultancy, Rain Water Harvesting Design & Detailed Engineering Projects Execution, Solar Power Systems Design & Detailed Engineering Projects Executive etc

Office Location: Maharashtra

Varshasookt® Group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is the nationwide environment engineering, renewable energy, waste management, sustainability, environmental risk assessment services and solution providing Environmental Engineering Venture. 

     We believe in creating sustainable ecologies in the urban milieu and take pride in proving latest products and practices in environmental management systems for the benefit of both people and nature. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions that enables businesses, homes and communities to become energy efficient, water secure, live-in harmony with the environment and protect our world for future generations. We are forerunner in providing sustainable solutions for carbon footprint reduction, environment impact assessment, sustainability audits, organic waste composting management, rainwater harvesting & conservation, solar energy system, public sanitation and corporate social responsibility and resiliency projects.


Varshasookt Group is a multiple award-winning environmental care and engineering professional firm based in India. With over 16 years of strong experience in the environment industry, Varshasookt Group specializes in the development of exceptional environment protection solutions, bringing creative design and innovative technologies that produce services and projects of the highest calibre and at the same time are cost effective. We believe in smart nation with wiser cities having sustainable future.


Our work includes diverse portfolio that spans across defence, governmental institutions, commercial, residential, hospitality, educational and recreational sectors. Our services are all encompassing, providing for every environmental related situation from waste to organic composting, rainwater harvesting, solar power generation, biogas, water audits, waste audits, energy audits, environmental impact assessment and sustainability solutions. Our extensive experience and appetite to deliver quality outcome has earned us strong reputation in the industry.