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Riya Chemy Private Limited is a renowned manufacturing company dedicated to producing a diverse range of products for global markets. With expertise in adhesives, construction chemicals, household care products, incense sticks, aroma products, automotive care products, and other FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) offerings, we take immense pride in being an all-in-one solution provider.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. All our products are proudly made in INDIA, reflecting our dedication to promoting local manufacturing and craftsmanship. By operating under a single roof, we ensure strict quality control and seamless integration across our production processes.
Our product range encompasses both familiar household names and exclusive offerings for discerning customers.

Our product portfolio encompasses a wide array of solutions tailored to meet the needs of various industries and consumers worldwide. From high-performance adhesives and construction chemicals that provide reliable solutions for builders and contractors to household care products that enhance cleanliness and convenience in your daily life, we strive to deliver excellence in every aspect. Furthermore, our incense sticks and aroma products infuse your surroundings with a sense of tranquility and positivity, while our automotive care products cater to the needs of passionate vehicle enthusiasts.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously expand our product offerings and explore new avenues. We believe in the power of collaboration and building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We value transparency, reliability, and a customer-centric approach in everything we do.
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your needs are met with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

At RCPL, we are driven by a vision of creating innovative products for the construction industry that not only reduce water usage but also contribute toa cleaner and greener planet. Inspired by industry experts, we too are dedicated to developing sustainable solutions.
We are expanding our presence in the household care FMCG industry, aiming to offer quality products for every Indian home while maintaining a focus on sustainability.

At RCPL, quality is at the core of everything we do.
The Company has instilled a consumer-centric approach, striving to provide products and experiences that we ourselves would expect. We prioritize quality as our pride and ensure dedicated customer care support is in place to deliver a superior overall experience. Our quality certifications reflect our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

We possess a full-fledged in-house R&D and quality assurance laboratory equipped with modern analytical instruments. Our qualified chemists undertake rigorous research, application testing, and quality checks to ensure consistent quality in every batch. Our products conform to global quality standards, and our dedication to quality has established us as a recognized company in the industry.

Our success is attributed to our ethical business practices, on-time product delivery, ability to meet client requirements, and the strength of our efficient team members. The collective teamwork and shared values of commitment to excellence, customer-centricity, and innovation have propelled us forward. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority, and we continually analyze feedback to identify areas of improvement.

Research and development are vital to us, as we invest significant resources in designing products that meet customer needs and expectations. Our dedicated R&D professionals work closely with end-users to verify and refine our offerings before launch.

At RCPL, we are committed to making a positive impact on the industry, the environment, and the lives of our customers. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to continuously improve and drive innovation in all our products and processes.


Beyond business, we recognize our responsibility towards the community. Through various social initiatives focused on rural development, education, and healthcare, we actively contribute to the betterment of society. At Riya Chemy Private Limited, we strive to make a positive impact beyond the realms of our industry, upholding our commitment to corporate social responsibility.


Trailblazing visionaries who inspire excellence & consumer centric innovation

Smt. S. Babita

Our founder, Smt. S. Babita, is the guiding force behind RCPL, and her unwavering commitment to a consumer-centric approach has shaped our company's core values and principles. With a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of consumers, she has instilled a relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business.

Her vision stems from her own high standards as a consumer. She firmly believes that every product and experience we offer should meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. This philosophy serves as the driving force behind our relentless dedication to delivering superior quality and exceptional service.

By putting herself in the shoes of consumers, she ensures that every product we manufacture and every interaction we have with our customers is rooted in empathy and understanding. She recognizes that it is not enough to simply meet the basic requirements; we must go above and beyond to create experiences that inspire delight and exceed expectations.

Under her leadership, our company has developed a strong culture of customer-centricity. We continually strive to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers, seeking feedback and insights to guide our product development and service enhancements. This customer-centric approach enables us to consistently deliver solutions that truly resonate with our target audience.

Furthermore, her influence extends beyond product development. She has fostered a culture of accountability and responsibility among our team members, ensuring that every employee is aligned with the shared goal of customer satisfaction. This mindset is ingrained in our daily operations, from manufacturing to customer support, and drives us to constantly raise the bar and set new standards of excellence.

At RCPL, we understand that our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to the visionary leadership of Smt. S. Babita, we are driven to go the extra mile, providing products and experiences that she herself would expect as a discerning consumer. It is this commitment to consumer-centricity that sets us apart and continues to fuel our growth as a trusted and respected brand in the industry.

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