Kainya & Associates (Pvt) Ltd is a Supreme Leader and well established Organization today in catering to the requirements of some of the world’s Best Brands Architectural Hardware, Builders’ hardware and Modular Furniture Fittings in the indigenous market, especially in the context of upsurge in the Indian Residential and Commercial Building Construction field. The word “KAINYA” today has become synonymous with High Quality Hardware. It has to be emphasized here that our achievement of being at the top in the field today can be attributed to sticking to the high degree of our fair trade practices and maintaining high ethics in all aspects of our business. Since the Liberalization we have been importing best quality Hardware from highly reputed top international manufacturers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia etc & Since then we have been growing vertically. We are proud to mention that with the dawn of Liberalization of Indian Economy, we were the First to import the Best Global Brands of Hardware Furniture into our country thus opening the gateway of India for the entry of Superlative Quality of Furniture from Various Highly Technologically Advanced Countries. Today we offer a wide range of Builder/Architectural Hardware, Aristocratic and Luxury Hardware, Furniture Fittings and Components which include all kinds of Locks, Door-Locks, sophisticated Hotel Locks, Centralized Locking Systems for Hotels, Exclusive Hospital Furniture, Sliding Doors, and Knock-down Fittings, Fittings for Entertainment Equipment, Etc. In order to display an inclusive range of more than 15,000 Products, we have a spacious, large, well lit and well designed Show-room in a centrally located area with a very peaceful ambience a huge lobby in order to make the shopping a delight for our valued customers. Our motto is to offer Quality Products to our Customers at competitive prices.