Cargo Gear Services (India) Private Limited (CGS), an ISO 9001 certified company, is involved in providing services for testing, repairing and certification of lifting appliances, life saving & fire fighting appliances, testing & certification of anchors & anchor cables, fibre glass repair to lifeboats, load testing of boats & launching appliances, mainly catering to the needs of the marine industry.

Established in the year 1991, CGS has been granted competency by the Government of India to carry out certification of lifting gear as per the applicable rules. The facility for testing and repairing of fire fighting and breathing apparatus has the approval of The Director General of Shipping. Moreover, CGS also has the approval of leading national & international classification societies to carry out work on fire fighting and life-saving appliances on board ships.

By rendering whole-hearted on time quality services with a professional touch, CGS has earned a wide clientele in a short course of time. We believe in a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and business partners, and this has earned the company a lot of popularity. Our popularity, mainly due to prompt and quality services, has enabled the company to obtain repeat orders from our clients.

The registered office of Cargo Gear Services (India) Pvt. Limited is in Mumbai from where the operations are carried out. The company is a vibrant & young organization having focus on organizational values and commitments. Personnel with Marine qualification and background have been the pillars of the organization wherein the focus of the company is always on PEOPLE. Highly skilled and motivated employees with rich and varied experience in the marine field have helped the company to earn its reputation in almost every testing and certification area in the marine field.

CGS is venturing everyday into new areas in order to provide all the services required by our clients. Our vision is to be a single window solutions provider for our clients and provide the best of the services on time to delight the clients.

As a step to meet the vision, certain approvals have already been obtained from the Mercantile Marine Department viz. supply of safety awareness IMO Symbols for display on board ships and repair of fibre glass life boats. Further to this, CGS is also providing support to customer in terms of providing facilities for major fabrication jobs.

With a deep focus of the organization on QUALITY, CGS has quality equipment's which are used for carrying out testing activities wherein uniformity in quality standards are maintained.

Being an organization having focus towards up gradation of technology, CGS is always on the lookout for coming out with new technology and machines wherein the shipping community is benefited by its usage. We believe in creating a better working atmosphere for the shipping community wherein everybody is benefited, and have worked with all the major shipping companies based in India and Abroad and have the zeal to cater to all the shipping companies in the world.