Mrudhu Soap Free Cleanser (Acne Prone Skin Type)
  • Lead Id: Mrudhu Soap Free Cleanser (Acne Prone Skin Type)
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  • Other Details: KEY INGREDIENTS • Natural Ingredients Used - Basil,Neem,Wild Turmeric,Mint,Nettle leaves. • Chemicals Used - We care for you, hence did not used any chemical or preservative in this cleanser.


All natural and mild daily face cleanser specifically made for acne prone skin,gently pull-out toxins,and prevent regular acne breakouts.It unclogs the pores,reduces excessive oil production,calms inflammation and redness to give healthy skin. Clears out blackheads and whiteheads and keep the pores deeply clean.Gently cleanse and reveals radiant fresh skin.Also achieve smooth skin and fix opens pores by combining it with the use of toner. BENEFITS 1- Maintains skin freshness and glowing skin all the day. 2- Removes excess oil from while maintaining the natural glow. 3- Prevents acne breakouts. 4- Keeps pollution out.