Pushp Kesarie Saffron Rose Toner
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  • Other Details: ?????? ?????????????????????? • ?????????????? ?????????????????????? ????????– Steam Distilled Fresh Rose flower dydrosol. Saffron Extract. • ?????????????????? ???????? – We care for you, hence did not used any chemical or preservative in this


Pushp kesarie toning mist that is extracted from fresh rose petals. This nutrients riched hydrosol acts as an excellent natural toner which cools and calms your face by treating various skin problems. Rose toner acts as an excellent facial toner by maintaining the skin’s natural PH balance with its astringent properties whereas saffron helps decongest the skin due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as slow down skin aging. It helps in toning and tightening the skin and gives freshness with glow. ???????????????? Maintains ever skin tone. Saffron extract gives warm glow and clears the complexion. Gives soft and smooth looing skin. Keeps skin hydrated for long periods. Helps reduce blemishes and dark spots. ?????? ???? ?????? • Wash your face using your favourite Soapfree Cleanser and pat dry. • Close your eyes and spray directly on to your face, keeping the bottle a few inches away from the face, to hydrate and refresh your skin. • Spray on to a cotton swab and gently use for cleaning and makeup removal.