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CASING AND CAPPING Available Sizes 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 38 mm 50 mm Casing and capping wiring is considered to be one of the most simplest and conventional forms of electric wiring systems. As of today’s requirements, casing and capping electric wiring system is widely used throughout the globe in offices and homes. As the name suggests, the PVC insulated wires are placed in the plastic casing and covered with a cap. Casing is a rectangular strip or cross section where the cables run through it possessing grooves and is usually white or grey in colour. The standard case and cap used in the casing and capping electric wiring system is 1 meter, having size of 1.5 inch in the width and 0.8 inch in the thickness. The approximate durability of casing and capping wiring system is 20 years. While this type of wiring system is predominant in the office and domestic spaces, sheathed wiring is the most reached for wiring system for the industrial spaces due to its double insulation property. Casing and capping wiring system can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions. Various types of joints are used in such a wiring system viz., Bridge Joint (Push Fit Joint), L-Joint (Elbow Joint) and T-Joint. Advantages of Casing Capping Wiring System The casing capping wiring system can be most advantageous due to the following reasons: This wiring system is way cheaper than any other forms of wiring systems. Considered to be safe from the dampness, humidity and smoke. It promotes customized installation. Expected reduced risk of electric shock. Repairing becomes hassle-free if the phase and neutral wires are installed in separate slots. Austro Pipes has been one raging company in the particular field and is known as the best manufacturer or wholesaler of the casing and capping electrical wiring system. We have offered our valuable services to over 3,000 dealers so far and still counting.