PVC Bend
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PVC BEND Available Sizes 19 MM (1.2) 20 MM (1.2) 25 MM (1.2) 19 MM (1.5) 20 MM (1.5) 25 MM (1.5) PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride pipes are the most commonly used products in both domestic and commercial and sometime industrial spaces. They are used as electrical conduit and as well as irrigation piping. While installation, PVC pipes need to pass through grooves or edges and thus requires bending for smooth installation. This however does not harm the quality or functionality of the PVC pipes and off late have given rise to a special concept, PVC bend. PVC Bend is usually a PVC pipe that has a bent shape and works as a connector between two pipes. At the initial stages when PVC just have had its first baby steps into the market replacing almost all metallic pipes, conventional techniques of bending PVC using sand, hair dryers and similar things were mostly predominant. With the evolution of pipes, connectors such as elbows and couplings made it possible for the labourers to install PVC pipes in the corners or edges. Although these connectors are still widely used, PVC bend provides a new dimension to the evolution.