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Shirdi sai Aquatics

Street Address: Door No 157 Manjunatha road,Thayagaraj nagar 2nd block.

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

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Business Type: Service Sector

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Office Location: Karnataka

LEAFFI Plant Revitalizer
  • Category: C Distributor and Dealer
  • Keywords: micro minerals , macro minerals , constructive hormones , beneficial microbes , humid acid and amino acids.
  • Manufacturer Name: Proprenz Bio- tech
  • Packing size: 200 m liters
  • Price: ₹400


Benefits Conditioner for any type of indoor or outdoor plants. "Organic Manure " Strengthens directly from the roots to leaves of the plants, can be used directly on soil Perfect Blend of natural elements including micro minerals , macro minerals , constructive hormones , beneficial microbes , humid acid and amino acids. A unique mixture of 16 organic elements which gives nutrition to plants. Features of Leaffi Plant Revitalizer Leaffi Plant Revitalizer aids in improving the productivity of plants by stimulating the growth of leaves, flowers and fruits. Microbes included in the product strengthens the roots and thereby assist in increasing the height of the plants. The product triggers stimulants for photosynthesis thereby adding value to our environment and provides a fresh breath of air in your surroundings. The product also acts as a shield for stress thereby reducing flower and fruit falls. The Microbes present in the product aids in preventing plant diseases and eradicates pest attacks which results in the increase of the age of the plants.