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Arya Biotechnologies

Street Address: Railway station Road

City: Aurangabad

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We are manufacturing a wholesome range of quality products providing premium organic farm inputs & animal feed-supplements. We are one of the few companies in the world, producing organic chelated bio-available plant nutrients, plant growth promoters, soil conditioners, herbal pest repellents, animal, pet, poultry nutrients (Engineered minerals – ENGIMINS) etc. Our products have been approved by ECOCERT since 2006 for NPOP, EC and US-NOP regulations, and many of our repeat-users, farmers have their own success stories using our products.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Organic Fertilizer, fertilizer, organic manure, Growth Supplements , Organic farming Inputs, animal feed supplements, Poultry Feed supplements, Pet Supplements,

Office Location: Maharashtra

  • Category: Fertilizer
  • Keywords: BIOAVAILABLE NUTRIENTS, fertilizer, plant Nutrient, Nutrition for crops, calcareous soil, alkaline,
  • Manufacturer Name: Arya Biotechnologies
  • Packing size: 1 Liter, 500ml, 250ml
  • Price: ₹900


Nutrition for crops in alkaline/calcareous soil Benefits: NANOWISE is a proprietary formulation specially designed for the crops in calcareous soils. The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plants is primarily a matter of size. These micro particles are absorbed by plant cells very wisely (bioavailable). So, these ENGIMINS are known as NANOWISE! • NANOWISE acts as an acidifier in alkaline soil & corrects the nutrient deficiency generally found in calcareous soils. • It is a starter nutrition for germination and establishment of crops. • Use as a starter nutrition while cultivation or transplantation in legumes, sugarcane, potato, ginger and other vegetable crops. • Excellent neutralizer for Calcareous and Alkaline soils. • Provides trace nutrients which are absorbed at an acidic pH. • NEUTRALIZES ALKALINE SOIL and promotes crop growth. • Facilitates ABSORPTION OF MICRO NUTRIENTS IN CALCAREOUS SOIL EFFECTIVE NUTRITION IN ACIDIC SOILS. Method of application: • Dilution rate: 3 to 5 ml. per liter of water. Apply through foliar spray /soil drenching/ drip irrigation. • For crop establishment: Apply at the time of cultivation and during vegetative growth stage or during spring flush, followed up with a application during the summer. • For calcaresus soil: Apply 3 times during vegetative growth stage & reproductive stage.