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Arun 3D Creators

Street Address: Arun 3D Creators, 1/61, South Street,

City: Tenkasi Taluk

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Arun 3D Creators is a multi-functional 3D creative company using Three Dimensional techniques to create 3D miniatures. We use advanced 3D techniques 3D printing/ digital sculpting/mold making / Plastic and POP miniature models combined with Manual Artwork. Our miniature models are preciously colored by Artist hands (Handicrafts) that will give a soulful feel. Our Company is creating miniature models of, Selfie 3D in many variants (One color/ Classic Black & White / Full Color / Premium Full color), God/ Goddess 3D mini models (Manually colored using Artist hand art techniques) We have also expanded our services into the following areas, Creating Lithophanes, Architectural Models & layouts, School & College Students dream project creations support in 3D, Engineering prototypes

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Selfie 3D, Miniature models, custom-made 3D Models, God idols, car dashboard dolls, Family God Idols, Kuladevata idols for car dashboard, ishta devata idol

Office Location: Tamil Nadu