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Simplify B2B

Street Address: GS Road

City: Assam

Province/State: Assam

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: SimplifyB2B (https://simplifyb2b.com/) is India’s largest platform for buying and selling wholesale tea and coffee. Wholesale tea of all varieties from black tea to Darjeeling tea and Assam tea to green tea are sold on the platform by tea suppliers, factory owners, and wholesalers across India. All varieties of coffee from arabica to robusta are sold in bulk quantities. Buyers use the platform for free. Suppliers benefit from access to buyers around India and proper price realization. SimplifyB2B is like the 24 hour salesman for suppliers and enables them to engage with tea and coffee buyers across India. Please access the platform here: https://simplifyb2b.com/

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Assam