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Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

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Business Details: Manufacturing and marketing of all types of process control instruments. The products are related to measure, control and data log the parameters like flow, pressure, level, temperature, RH, PH, TDS, RPM etc. We request to send your valuable enquires related to any kind of factory, plant automation, instrumentation products. We do customisation product also.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Manufacturing & Marketing of Process Control Instruments. 1. All types of flowmeter 2. electromegnetic flowmeter 3. water flow meter 4. oil flow meter 5. Diesel flow meter 6. oval gear flow meter 7. ultrasonic flow meter 8.open channel flow meter 9.turbine flow meter 10. acid and chemical floe meter 11. naturel gas flow meter 12. LPG flow meter 13. steam flow meter 14. vortex flow meter 15.clamp on head ultrasonic flow meter 16.analog input flow tatalizer 17.pulse totalizer 18.flow totalizer 19.steam totalizer 20. open channel flow totalizer 21. ph/orp

Office Location: Gujarat

About Us

We ztek control systemsr introduce ourselves as company in the feild of process automation, deal in varius process parameters like pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, level etc., for measurement & control systems with pc Our indigenously manufacturing product from the backbone for the leading private industries and public ventures. our product incorporate cutting-edge technologies customized to indian condition, while our solutions combine local known-how with international techniques. Our product are designed by latest microcontroller based technology with latest features & give long term reliability against harsh environment condition with trouble free operation.we can do also customized as a special case . we belive thate custom...