We ztek control systemsr introduce ourselves as company in the feild of process automation, deal in varius process parameters like pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, level etc., for measurement & control systems with pc

Our indigenously manufacturing product from the backbone for the leading private industries and public ventures. our product incorporate cutting-edge technologies customized to indian condition, while our solutions combine local known-how with international techniques.

Our product are designed by latest microcontroller based technology with latest features & give long term reliability against harsh environment condition with trouble free operation.we can do also customized as a special case . we belive thate customer are the major asset. we offer comlete systems solution for several segment like liquid/gas flow measurement, steel, pharmacuticals, fertilizers, chemical, power, cement, papper etc.

Ztek is a value base small organisation that makes  a conscious effort to care for the enviornment with its offerings, to delight its customers with cost effective solution &value for money. coustmer care is the underlying them of the organizational culture.