About Us

  • Member Since : 22-Dec-2022
  • Nature of Business : Service Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-MH-33-0002908
  • Pan : AAIFL5389B
  • GST : NA
  • No of Employee : 2
  • Turnover: NA

Vindaan is a privately owned organization working in the area of business and management consulting. Services are concentrated primarily in the Vindaan for business transformation and growth. It also provides training and development in various formats i.e classroom training, outbound training, audio visual training and adventure based learning where knowledge is imparted in an innovative and effective way with complete involvement of the stakeholders. Event management is another domain in which the company operates. Vindaan associates with clients to find solutions for their business problems or to help them grow and expand their businesses. Vindaan means ‘skills’. It is the skills we utilize that help us find solutions for clients...