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  • Member Since : 17-Nov-2023
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-RJ-17-0198084
  • Pan : AAXCA6699P
  • GST : 08AAXCA6699P1Z7
  • No of Employee : 10
  • Turnover: 9800

Our soul reflects in the environment that we build around us; the people we love, the little moments we cherish, and so many other factors which are the building blocks of our spaces. Humans have always been inseparable and deeply rooted to the most divine of them all, Mother Nature. It is amazing how she has always been there for our rescue with her abundance of beautifying, healing and medicinal properties. To honour and celebrate this extraordinary bond, Me and Earth was born. Our founders acknowledged the holistic wholesomeness of their environment, eventually inspiring them to develop a range of one of the most natural skin care products, free of any chemical and synthetic substances. Me and Earth was born out of a desire to ...