Our soul reflects in the environment that we build around us; the people we love, the little moments we cherish, and so many other factors which are the building blocks of our spaces. Humans have always been inseparable and deeply rooted to the most divine of them all, Mother Nature. It is amazing how she has always been there for our rescue with her abundance of beautifying, healing and medicinal properties.

To honour and celebrate this extraordinary bond, Me and Earth was born.

Our founders acknowledged the holistic wholesomeness of their environment, eventually inspiring them to develop a range of one of the most natural skin care products, free of any chemical and synthetic substances. Me and Earth was born out of a desire to give an ode to the goodness of the nature and how our lives are woven around, and with it. As the name suggests, the brand philosophy is as simple as it could be. All of it is about me, and of course, the earth. It is the connect between you, and your surroundings!

Our products

Introducing the 12 gifts of Mother Nature: Myra, Aura, Nora, Cara, Vera, Glora, Verity, Ebon, Aster, Dew, Blush and Kaya. Complete with abundance of love, care and nutrition, this range will prove to be a boon for your skin, be it any time, day, weather or place.

Born right from Mother Earth’s lap by using traditional ingredients like jojoba, haldi, chandan and even charcoal, we at Me and Earth ensure the purity of every product we manufacture. Each blend has been mixed and tested repeatedly by our founders themselves, to achieve the desired result. With no chemicals or any other variant added, all our products have tested to be safe for all skin types and age groups.

Why choose us?

As they say, sophistication lies in utmost simplicity. Staying and acting true to it, our founders have always aimed to create organic products which are simple, but complete in terms of value and results when used in daily life. Each product from Me and Earth has months of extensive research behind it. But most of all, it is about how earnestly we aim to provide our customers with a natural experience via our range of essential oils, moisture locks, and exfoliating scrubs amongst many.

A bow to the Indian Army

Our founder’s extraordinary and extensive service in the Indian military has always moved and inspired us to lead our lives full of purpose, goals and responsibilities. His deep-rooted love for Mother Nature, has been a driving force for Me and Earth as a brand, eventually inspiring us to get in touch with people who harbour the same passion, same love and dedication towards the Earth. We are proudly associated with more than 50 ex- army personnel, through whom we source each and every ingredient we use in our products. This is an ode to the generosity and empathy which we have received from both our land and its protectors; and how Me and Earth has taken a small step to give a little bit back to them.