ABOUT Sane Driving: A Social Impact Initiative with a difference.

SOCIAL CAUSE: There is more to Traffic than what meets the eye.

Home to most road crashes in the world with over 1,50,000 killed each year, and millions in incapacitating injuries, AND, India has some of the world’s worst road behaviors.


     A large Population travels through road transport each day, has expectations from Society, and has responsibility towards it. How we drive through traffic, impacts safety, impacts trust with fellow citizens, affects enforcement; and wrong behaviors undermine democratic values. Traffic mirrors culture. Our values, beliefs & attitudes, contribute to making sense of who we are & how we view the world, including that in traffic.

        Essential Parts of Driving : Knowledge; Skills AND most essentially: Behaviors. Behaviors determine how we use our knowledge and skills. Large part of this is Culture: The Soul of Individual and of City.


 Without proper role models, individuals follow precedence for irresponsible behaviors.  Prevention is better than cure. Responsible road behaviors contribute to community in many ways and creates trust. Investing in  education that builds trust; is investing in Social Capital of our Country.

  1.      Education should not only be academic, it should help promote responsible habits towards fellow citizens.  Safety and civic sense are a mindset, and a habit that could be taught by parents, schools, or by employers.
  2.       What we practice on roads each day as rituals is what we practice in daily lives including places of work as social norms.
  3.       Good institutions and communities teach freedom, educate for and enforce discipline, set boundaries and help guide individual values and beliefs to a set of acceptable social norms for safety, for co-existence, help follow rules and be respectful to fellow citizens.

How Sane Driving Private Limited can Help

Recommended by many, including Delhi Traffic Police, BSF, SSB & Maruti-Suzuki among others, Sane Driving workshops, creatively engage participants to help them SELF-DIRECT to adopt Civic, Safe & Responsible road behaviors, As a Driver,  As a passenger, As a Road User, or As a member of Law Enforcement, and be a role model for others to follow.

 SANE DRIVING RESPONSIBLE DRIVER PROGRAM: is unique program, that helps self-driven learning & motivation for responsible road behaviors & attitudes for Drivers, Passengers, Road Users, Members of Law Enforcement and for Policy makers;

  1.  Program is based on Stages of Change Model: “Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Relapse Prevention.”
  2.  First four stages are completed in the workshops, and for last two stages of change ie. Maintenance of Right Behaviours and for Relapse Prevention of wrong behaviours, Sane Driving uses creatively designed posters and stickers.
  3.  As stated above, there are two kinds of services offered by Sane Driving (OPC) Private Limited.
  4.   A. RESPONSIBLE DRIVER/PASSENGER WORKSHOPS; B. PUBLISHING OF UNIQUE POSTERS & STICKERS: These complete and complement Workshops on Responsible Commuting.

    A. RESPONSIBLE DRIVER / PASSENGER WORKSOPS: A workshop can, help save lives, create a responsible community and help to look at the problem from civic angle.
    1. For Schools: Not lack of skills, but it’s the wrong behaviors & attitudes that cause most accidents. What we practice as adolescents (15-25) is what we become as adults. Prevention is better than cure and habits form young. Shaping safe behaviors is easier than trying to change them later.
    2. For Employers: With highest fatality, and crippling injury rates in most productive age group 15-45, and no two wheeler driver education, a few hours spent on the workshop could help prevent crashes , injuries & save families, create a responsible community & help environment in co-existence.
    3. Drivers and Staff of Public Transport: Large number of Indian Population travels/commutes through public transport for several hours a day. Their expeience in travel affects productivity and morale. There are expectations from Society and responsibility towards it. Done properly with Vision and Policy, Drivers and Staff can make life in a city a joy.  Policy alone cannot set clear expectations from drivers and staff.
    4. Driver Trainers: The workshop helps understand India’s unique problems and address driver and passenger behaviours for all ages above 14.
    5. Traffic Police: Enforcement with a purpose: Managing Traffic is managing Democracy. To be effective, it is necessary to understand problems on roads typical of India. Traffic Police has a job that requires a unique Vision and Purpose.

      (a). Civic, Safe & Responsible Road Behaviors & Attitudes, help recognize rights and responsibilities towards fellow citizens as a ritual each day. Managed with a Vision, Civic, Safe & Responsible behaviors in traffic, pave way for Mass Education (Civic), Social Cohesion; and help make living in a city, a joy.
      (b).  The Sane Driving Program on Civic, Safe and Responsible Behaviors helps Traffic Police understand the value of their work from Civic / Social angle, helps understand how values & beliefs contribute to reckless behaviors, challenges them to look for ways they never did earlier, giving them Purpose on their job, they never had before. It helps self-driven learning and motivation for right road behaviors and attitudes as a Policeman, as a Driver, a Passenger or other road user

B: PUBLISHING OF UNIQUE POSTERS & STICKERS: Behaviors do not change overnight, and you need reminders. For last two stages of change ie. Maintenance of Right Behaviours and for Relapse Prevention of wrong behaviours, Sane Driving uses creatively designed posters and stickers.
        a. The stickers that help bring social pressure for right behaviours, are distributed free at the end of program.
        b. Posters that remind right behaviours, need to be purchased separately. Posters are of two kinds:
            i. Reminders and general behaviours.
            ii. Areas of Critical Importance: Speeding, Rash Driving @ Helmets

Self-Awareness: Understanding self on what behaviors lead to unsafe outcomes.
Self-Regulation: Manage behaviors in time, to avoid unsafe situations.
Road Map: Create a clear road map to follow, to avoid unsafe outcomes.
Advocacy: For Policy, design, education, Governance, Regulation, right processes in civic and driver education, and acceptable social norms

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