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Sane Driving OPC Private Limited

Street Address: A4/326, 3rd Floor, Sunrise Apartments, Rohini, A4/326, 3rd Floor, Sector-13, New Delhi


Province/State: Delhi

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: India is home to worst road behaviors, fatalities and serious injury due to road traffic crashes. Not Lack of skills, but wrong attitudes cause most traffic crashes and fatalities. Dos and Donts do not change behaviours or attitudes. Recommended by many including Delhi Traffic Police, Maruti Suzuki IDTR, BSF and others, Sane Driving Workshops and Campaigns are one of a kind programs and Campaigns that help participants to engage in self directed learning and change for Civic, Safe and Responsible Road User behavior, as a Driver, Passenger, road user or as member of law Enforcement , and be a role model for others to follow. Please see https://sane driving.com for details .

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Road Safety Education, Road Safety Campaigns, Campaign Material, Responsible Enforcement Program for Traffic Police, Responsible Road User Behaviors and attitudes, Teen Driver Safety, Driver Education and awareness, Social Impact Campaign Material, Behavior Change

Office Location: Delhi

About Us

 ABOUT Sane Driving: A Social Impact Initiative with a difference. SOCIAL CAUSE: There is more to Traffic than what meets the eye. Home to most road crashes in the world with over 1,50,000 killed each year, and millions in incapacitating injuries, AND, India has some of the world’s worst road behaviors. Background      A large Population travels through road transport each day, has expectations from Society, and has responsibility towards it. How we drive through traffic, impacts safety, impacts trust with fellow citizens, affects enforcement; and wrong behaviors undermine democratic values. Traffic mirrors culture. Our values, beliefs & attitudes, contribute to making sense of who we are & how we view the world, includi...