Responsible Driver and Responsible Road User Program for Schools
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Not lack of skills, but wrong behaviors & attitudes cause most accidents. There is no two wheeler education in our Country but MOST Two wheeler related Fatalities and injuries, that too in most Productive ages 15 to 35. This is avoidable. Moreover, we have poor Road sense, poor Civic Sense, bad behaviors towards fellow Citizens on roads, that makes Commute a bad experience, lowers Productivity. We need to use roads, and commute as a ritual, throughout life. WE NEED TO CREATE SAFER AND FRIENDLY ROADS AND COMMUTE, FOR ONE AND FOR ALL. Prevention is better than cure and habits form young. How we behave in traffic, is how we behave generally. What we practice in ages 15 to 26, is what we practice after gaining adulthood. Shaping safe behaviors is easier than trying to change later. Whereas, managing the traffic is an interplay of many things including road design, infrastructure, number of vehicles, driver training, licensing signage, enforcement etc, YET, Sane Driving believes, managing behaviors and attitudes, is CENTRAL to issue of managing traffic in India. Driving is a Social Norm Before It is Commute: A large Population travels by road, has expectations from Society, and has responsibility towards it. How we drive, impacts safety, impacts trust with fellow citizens, affects enforcement; and wrong behaviors undermine democratic values. Values, Beliefs & Attitudes, determine who we are & how we view the world. Traffic mirrors culture. Habits form young, and Prevention is better than cure. It is easier to Shape behaviors early than to try and change them later in life. Responsible Road Behaviors contribute to community & Create Trust. Investing in Education that Builds Trust; is investing in Social Capital of Country. Education should not only be Academic, it should help promote responsible habits towards fellow citizens. Safety & Civic sense are a mind-set, a habit that could be taught by Parents, Schools, or by Employers. What we practice on roads each day as rituals is what we practice in daily lives including places of work as Social Norms. Good institutions and Communities teach freedom, educate for and enforce discipline, set boundaries and help guide individual values and beliefs to a set of acceptable social norms for safety, for co-existence, help follow rules and be respectful to fellow citizens. Sane Driving Endeavors and Proposes following; through Responsible Driving Programs For Schools and Colleges: KEY ASPECTS OF SANE DRIVING RESPONSIBLE DRIVER PROGRAMS 1. Self-Awareness: Understanding self on what behaviors lead to unsafe outcomes. 2. Self-Regulation: Manage behaviors in time, to avoid unsafe situations. 3. Road Map: Create a clear road map to follow, to avoid unsafe outcomes. 4. Advocacy: For Policy, design, education, Governance, Regulation, Enforcement, right processes in civic and driver education, and acceptable social norms. Responsible Design Civic, Safe & Responsible Road Behaviors & Attitudes, help recognize rights and responsibilities towards fellow citizens as a ritual each day. Managed with a Vision, Civic, Safe & Responsible behaviors in traffic, pave way for Mass Education (Civic), Social Cohesion; and help make living in a City/Nation, a joy. IT IS BEST OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE A NATION WE ALL WANT TO LIVE IN.

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